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We are not able to refer to any medical conditions in the content of our site due to current legislation; this applies even when our many wonderful customers write in their own words how they have enjoyed our products.  For this reason you will see below areas of text which have been removed due to medical reference. I hope you will still be able to establish from what is left that we have many happy customers who come to us for all sorts of reasons and stay with us year in, year out.  Please don't  hesitate to call me (Ali) if you need any help or guidance on which product to choose. Tel: 01263 761525.

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Apimist + Pollen (view product)

Hi Ali

I hope this finds you well and business booming?

I just wanted to send you a of photo of our babies - not bad for someone who was told they would probably never have children!

A was born 5 weeks ago and at 9lb4 I was certainly doing something right! Both he and E, now 19 months, are happy, healthy children and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you once again for providing such a fantastic range of products - you can see that they have certainly been of benefit to us!

With very best wishes                                                                               -  CT Sept 2013

[Deleted content with medical reference]  I just wanted to thank you for producing such a high quality excellent product which I know deep down has really helped. More than that though, I wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service, for always getting my apimist to me in super quick time and for your support and good wishes, all of which had a really positive effect on me.Please never stop doing what you do because you are clearly on to something!           

                                                                    -  CT March 2013

[Deleted content with medical reference]

                                                                -  Eileen Houghton 

After reading an article in the Times [Deleted content with medical reference] Thank you for a great product.

                                                                         - Lynne Price

Apimist + Royal Jelly (view product)

"I was looking for something natural [Deleted content with medical reference]

- Gini Ball


"This is going to be first purchase of this product,l will give it a trial and l believe it will work for me.Thank you very much."

- Rachael Ebenuwa

[Deleted content with medical reference]

 Brilliant! I've come back to order a number of jars for friends and family to try out. So I recommend Apimist to you too! Mark Bateman, Derbyshire."

- Mark Bateman

 Just a quick note to say we have ordered our third Apimist product and think it is a great product, [Deleted content with medical reference] and your delivery times are very quick. Thank you for making this product!

- Anne Stuart

Propolis Cream (view product)

I have been very impressed with this propolis cream. I use it on my baby's skin, [Deleted content with medical reference] I was looking for a cream with less chemicals than what is usually available in most shops and had heard a little about bee propolis, so this was the perfect solution. I would recommend this as a moisturising and soothing cream for all ages, including small babies (mine was 6 months old when I first used this propolis cream).

- Sheila Neethling

Unscented Royal Jelly Cream (view product)

After using this cream for 2 months I have found my skin to be better than ever before and would highly recommend it.

- Darren Roe

Hi, I bought a pot of Royal Jelly & Propolis cream from you at a smallholding event in Tibenham a few weeks ago. [Deleted content with medical reference] we have tried loads of different products with no success. I put the cream on my sons hands every morning and night, [Deleted content with medical reference] the difference was amazing!! [Deleted content with medical reference]
[Deleted content with medical reference]

So I just wanted to say thank you for such a great cream, we will certailnly be buying more of it.

- Karen Hoolahan

Pure Fresh Royal Jelly (view product)

Enjoyed this Royal Jelly, really lovely opaque colour and rich fresh tasting.                                                                                                                                       Anon.



Thanks for providing such excellent quality products, particularly the Royal Jelly and Bee pollen. We have recommended Apitherapy to friends & family!

- Shaazia Bhaktawer

Bee Pollen (view product)

After recommending bee pollen to yet another friend or relative [Deleted content with medical reference] I realised that I had never written a review for it. Yes it would be great to point you in the direction of lots of scientific evidence. However I can't. I can only say that over the last 9 years it has worked for us [Deleted content with medical reference]
I can't tell you how it works only that it does and its use should be more widely publicised. It's well worth persevering through the taste.

- Neil Featherstone

Propolis Tincture (view product)

Hi Alison,

I thought you might like to know that Alfie, our greyhound, was given the all clear yesterday from the vet [Deleted content with medical reference] Thank you so much for your product - it was exactly what we needed.
You can see from the photo attached (Alfie is the brown greyhound) that he has bad eyesight, and is, in fact, blind in one eye. However he is the most beautiful natured "gentleman" and lives a very happy contented life with the family.

By the way, although the propolis is quite pungent, once mixed into Alfie's food, he had no trouble eating it.

Carole Nuckowski