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Interesting Links & Reading

I have just had yet another inspirational conversation with Melanie Brown, leading London nutrition expert.  Melanie's website is www.melaniebrownnutrition.com

Hidden Norfolk - This fabulous site came to my attention last month. For all you budding beekeepers out there David Diggens runs small beekeeping courses amongst other Norfolk treats.

Bee Keeping

Recreational beekeeping recently has seen a resurgence in popularity with advances in skills and equipment making it easier and cheaper to begin looking after your first colony. We believe that anyone with a garden should have a hive or two to assist pollination and to enjoy the wonderful honey crop, not to mention that these intrepid little insects are fascinating.
Spring Courses Call Hidden Norfolk

Recommended reading list

Royden Brown’s             Bee Hive Bible 0-89529-521-0
Irene Stein Royal Jelly a guide to Nature’s Richest Health food  0-72251-225-2
James Fearnley Bee Propolis  0-28563-502-0
Nailya   Khismatullina Apitherapy 5-88187-269-X
Apimondia   The Medicine from the Bees  2-9600270-0-0
F.N. Howes Plants and Beekeeping 0-571-04987-7
Ted Hooper Mbe Guide to Bees & Honey 1-904846-24-6