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Our cottage industry

Apitherapy is set in the idyllic surrounding of North Norfolk.

Apitherapy is run by Alison Williams with the invaluable support of her husband Richard and colleague Kelly. Alison’s involvement with Apitherapy began in 2002 when she fell pregnant with her first child Jessica. She began by helping the former owners with simple bookwork; over the years her involvement increased culminating in the purchase of the business in 2008.

Her interest in and passion for bees and bee products was kindled by Jessica’s severe eczema which was treated almost entirely with propolis products. Alison and Richard live in the heart of rural North Norfolk together with their two children, Jessica and Jonathan, Magnus the West Highland Terrier, Midge, their rescued Great Lummox Hound, their rescued battery hens and of course their bees.

The nutritional and health benefits of beehive products are well researched and documented. Our own range has been developed by a beekeeper with over thirty years of experience, now retired.

Bees produce four main constituents from the hive:

  • Royal Jelly

  • Pure Bee Pollen

  • Propolis

  • Honey

We sell all of the above individually or if preferred mixed together within our Apimist products:

Apimist and Apimist Plus - This hugely popular range combines the finest honey Royal Jelly, propolis and pollen.

We are available on 01263 761525 if you wish to discuss which product will best suit your needs alternatively you can email Ali directly on: apitherapy@btopenworld.com.

Apitherapy is owned by The Pottergate Group Limited, a family business founded in 1966 by Alison’s father.
Company Registration No: 879601 Directors:  AJ Williams

Pear Tree Cottage,  NR11 8RU. Tel: 01263 761525
email: apitherapy@btopenworld.com.