Skincare Our philosophy

Our philosophy

At Apitherapy we are a small team, this gives us the flexibility to ensure that we maintain the highest ideals when producing our products.  We will never compromise on ingredients and strive to provide the best customer service combined with the most natural products possible.

We believe in using minimal pure ingredients which have not been processed, added to or had anything taken away.

We still believe “the customer is always right” if there is a problem we will rectify it swiftly and without question.

We never test any of our products on animals and we ensure that no harm is caused to our bees.  We feed our bees with their own honey and we dust with icing sugar to remove mites rather than using chemicals. (A bizarre concept I know, please feel free to phone and ask how this works!)

Most of our suppliers have worked closely with us for over eight years, providing all the information and reassurances that we need to be able to offer our customers full transparency in relation to ingredients and source.

We never share any of our customers information with any other companies or individuals.

Finally we are always keen to listen to customer feedback, if there is anything you would like us to know please get in touch either by email or phone: or 01263 761525.