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Apitherapy products were developed by Clive Brockdorff beekeeper for over fifty years.  Clive's words below:

"The story begins with the fact that I had been keeping bees since I was eight years old (with gaps for national service and three years living abroad) and had applied traditional bee husbandry to the production of honey until I met Susan Fletcher, a nutritionist (later to become my wife).

She pointed out to me that I was ignoring the most important products of the beehive which she understood to have significant properties. We then set about researching this field and with help of the International Bee Research Association studied hundreds of the scientific papers published.

We were amazed at the wealth of research which has been carried out and spent two years cataloging and filing as many papers as we could get our hands on, some of which required translating, an expensive and tedious process. At this stage much encouraged by the research we decided to make these products available to the general public."  

We are unable under EU law to make any medicinal claims surrounding products that we sell or make.  Under the Good Reading section on our site you will find some good independent sources of information.  


Probably the best known. It is a bee product made from nectar (plant juice from flowers and other sources) dried and supplied with ferments by the bees with a water content of between 20 - 80%. The bees employ various methods to remove the excess water by evaporation. The plant juices are thus thickened in a natural way to form honey and, in addition, are provided with fermenting agents by the bees. Average sugar content in honey are as follows:

  • Fructose or levulose 38.19%

  • Glucose or dextrose 31.28%

  • Cane sugar 1.31%

  • Malt sugar and other double sugars 7.31%

  • Multiple sugar (dextrine) 1.5%


Bees make propolis by collecting a kind of balsam or nectar from buds and leaves of different types of trees and plants. They then mix this with pollen and different types of active enzymes. These enzymes are secreted from glands situated in the head and thorax of the insects. Bees add propolis to the wax combs, and cover the inside of the hive for protection and storage.

Propolis - the name is believed to have been derived by Aristotle (from the Greek) meaning ‘Before the City’ or ‘Defender of the City’; indicating the protective properties on the health of the whole hive.

Honeybees use Propolis throughout the hive as a ‘fix all’; any bee keeper will tell you that where there is a gap or a hole it will be sealed thoroughly with propolis in no time!  More importantly they use it to maintain their immune systems taking advantage of its antibacterial properties.


First it is important to separate Bee Pollen (entomophilic Pollen) from its close cousin which is airborne pollen (aneomophilic), the latter being the pollen that causes hay fever and other related allergies.

Pollen is available from us in two forms, granular bee pollen or powdered bee pollen, the only difference being that the powder has been milled to give a smoother consistency for those who want to incorporate it into a smoothie or other drink.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the food secreted by the worker bees which is given to the growing queen larvae. The same food is also given to the worker bee larvae for the first three days after they hatch. The queen larvae are fed the jelly throughout the entire period of their development until they pupate, reflecting the unique nutritional value of fresh Royal Jelly.

Royal jelly has been used by humans for centuries both in skincare and as a dietary supplement.
We only sell Pure Fresh Royal Jelly which will be sent to you in a cold pack to maintain its freshness.


Apimist is a unique blend of all four beehive constituents, Royal Jelly, pollen and propolis combined in a base of pure honey. This allows you the convenience of taking a spoonful a day of one product rather than four individual ones. Apimist is also delicious in a smoothie or simply spread on a piece of bread or toast.

Apimist plus

Boost your dosage of your favorite ingredient.

The Apimist plus range consists of Apimist plus Royal Jelly, Apimist plus Propolis and Apimist plus Pollen allowing you to double the dose of your favorite ingredient. For example, Apimist plus Royal Jelly is the standard Apimist with a double dose of Royal Jelly.