Wellbeing Wellbeing range Pollinator Seed Bomb


Create a feeding frenzy with this explosive mix of organic compost and wildflower seeds


This seedbomb contains a mix of wildflower seeds to attract butterlies and bees during the summer and produce grains and seeds for wild birds during the cold winter months.


give your seedbomb a shake, remove the paper plug and then fill with a slow trickle of water.  Allow to soak for 10 seconds.  Repeat upto three times to ensure the bomb is soaked through. 

Throw or drop your seedbomb onto a surface of bare ground which is in need of life and colour.  Look for soil and natural light whether you are throwing, dropping or simply placing your seedbomb.  Ensure it splits open to allow the seedlings to grow out.

March - June - Grow it to flower this year
Aug - Oct  Grown it to flower next spring.

Seedboms are made in the UK from recycled, organic, eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. The packaging is produced from 95% pre and post consumer recycled waste, is printed using vegetable based inks and is glue free.

Keep cool and dry.

Instigate your very own little war on terra with a seedbom.

Our seedboms are perfect for guerrilla gardening interventions and make perfect gifts for anyone of any age group, whether they are green fingered or can't grow a thing! Seedboms are easy to use and are a great way to try seedbombing and guerrilla gardening for the first time.

Seedboms are made with an expolsive mix of peat free organic compost, coir and a selection of flower seeds embedded in a recycled paper shell.