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The Present Tree

By Alison Jubb - 30 October 2018

"As hive temperatures drop, bees gather in the hive to form a ‘winter cluster’.

Late Summer Harvest 2018

By Alison Jubb - 29 August 2018

We have had a bumper crop of honey this year thanks to the warm weather but no thanks to the wasps!

Five Star Rating from FSA

By Alison Jubb - 27 July 2018

Really pleased with our score of 5 for Food Hygiene Standards, awarded today.

Elephants & Bees

By Alison Jubb - 20 March 2018


Sometime ago I saw a documentary about how bees were being used to deter elephants from destroying rural crops in Africa, this a truly wonderful story: http://bit.ly/1VMAKdD



Bee Farmers Association Apprenticeships

By All info supplied is copied from the Bee Farmers Association website. - 5 July 2017

The Bee Farmers’ Association has developed a unique apprenticeship scheme in partnership with Rowse Honey. The scheme is open to 16 to 24-year-olds and aims to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to make a successful career in the bee farming industry. Those successfully completing the three-year programme are awarded a Diploma Towards Excellence in Bee Farming by the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers.  

Further details in the main blog, a wonderful opportunity for both farmers and students.